Current Leagues:

Fall 2-Person Medley Monday Night League

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The SMCC League Rules Statement
The League Rules Committee has prepared these rules and policies to expedite play, to provide consistent interpretation of the rules of golf, to provide a level playing field for friendly competition, and to provide for an enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.  All questions concerning the following rules can be directed to Ethan Wooten, Director of Golf.
SMCC Golf League Policies and Procedures
League play starts Monday, August 26, 2013 and will run for a total of 8 weeks played.  A bracket-style single elimination playoff will follow the regular season.
League fees are $17 for SMCC members and $27 for non-members, payable each Monday when you check-in for league play at the Golf Shop.  Of these amounts, $4 will be used for weekly closest to the pin contests and $1 will be used for end-of-league prizes.  League fees must be paid for each match, including each round of playoffs.
RAIN (or other cancellations)
Assume if the course is open the league will play.  If a cancellation is warranted, it will be determined by 4:00pm on the day of play.  The Golf Shop may be called at (828) 497-7622 regarding any cancellation. 
This league is using a 2-person team, stroke play, 9-Hole Medley.  Teams will compete head to head, playing 3 holes in scramble format, 3 holes in best ball format, and 3 holes in alternating shot format with the total score for the 9 holes determining the winner.  In the scramble portion, all men hit from the black tees, ladies will play from the grey tees.  In the best ball portion, seniors will play from the gold, ladies from green and non-senior men from the grey.  In alternating shot, all players play from the grey.  In the alternating shot, teams must decide who will hit first, then must alternate every shot for the next three holes (i.e. if Player A makes the putt on hole 1, Player B must hit the tee shot on hole 2).  Handicapping will be done using the first three scores being used to determine the initial handicap, and a running handicap will be kept using the CGA’s official handicapping system based off of GHIN calculations of a trending handicap.   
The winner of the league is the team with the best win-loss ratio (tie is better than loss) after the 8 weeks from each flight. 
The time of play for league matches will be scheduled by the teams playing each other that week for each Monday.  The schedule will be prepared for the first 3 weeks before week 1, and the remaining 5 weeks will be scheduled following the completion of week 3 matches.
Scheduling Conflicts
If you have a scheduling conflict and are unable to play on a given Monday, your team may try and schedule a make-up with your opponents for that week.  All make-up rounds must be played by Wednesday of that week; however, you are only eligible for the closest to the pin competitions if played on Monday or Tuesday (no exceptions, so do not ask). When you play a round with no opponent either because of a no-show or a bye, you will receive an automatic victory, and your score will be used for handicapping.  If evidence of “sandbagging” is prevalent (greater than 5 over your handicap) the score will be thrown out.
Weekly results will be posted in the display case in the lobby of the Golf Shop.  Schedules and current handicaps can also be found there.
Closest to the pin games will be played on 2 par 3s each week.  When the front nine is being played, closest to the pin will occur on the 7th and 9th holes.  When the back nine is being played, closest to the pin will occur on 2 of the 4 back-9 par 3's (10th, 13th, 16th and 17th holes). 
SMCC Golf League Rules Governing Play
USGA rules of golf govern play, excepts as provided below:
There are no mulligans at any time in league play.
Ball Lie. 
Excluding sand, hazard areas, fringe and green, a player may reposition his ball with the club head within 6 inches, but may not change the cut of grass (not a USGA rule).  This rule is void during the scramble portion, in which players may use preferred lies within 1 club length of the original lie, no closer to the hole and without changing the state of the lie (i.e. hazard stays in hazard, rough stays in rough).  To ensure this, the ball may not be placed not only closer to the hole, but also no closer to a better state of lie (i.e. no closer to fairway when in hazard or rough, no closer to fringe when in fairway or rough, no closer to green when on fringe, and no closer to rough or fairway when in hazard).
Man-Made Obstructions.
If a man made object is affecting your swing, you may take a free drop within two club lengths of the original lie, no closer to the hole with only 2 exceptions:
  1. The ball came to rest in a hazard
  2. The drop would conflict with the rule stated above regarding closer to a better state of lie.
In these two scenarios, the ball must be played as it lies or an unplayable lie be taken and a penalty shot will be accounted for when the ball is dropped using the two club lengths.
Everyone must hole out unless the putt is conceded by your opponent.  A conceded stroke is still counted.
Unplayable Lie. 
If you can’t hit your ball where it lies, take a penalty stroke and move it up to two club lengths, no nearer the hole.
A ball lying in a sand trap will not be touched or moved in any way, unless it lies in casual water or ground under repair.  The ball may then be dropped in the bunker no closer to the hole.  If the bunker is completely under water, then drop behind the bunker no closer to the hole to ensure that the bunker is between the ball and the hole.
Out of Bounds Rule. 
If a ball is hit out of bounds, replay the shot with a 1 stroke penalty.  If in doubt, play a provisional shot.  This rule applies to all shots, not just tee shots.
Lost Ball Rule. 
Any lost ball is a 1 stroke penalty.  Play as a lateral hazard – meaning drop the ball within 2 club lengths of where you last saw the lost ball, no closer to the hole.  For example, a ball is last seen entering the trees, but not found.  Drop the ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball entered the trees, no closer to the hole than the entry point.
Summary of Hazard Rules. 
Hazards are marked with red stakes.  These are your options:
  • Replay the shot.
  • Play from the hazard.
  • Keep the point of entry between you and the hole and go back as far as you want.
  • Drop 2 club lengths from where the ball last crossed the hazard, no closer to the hole.
The waste area to the left side of the upper fairway is not considered ground under repair.  It is hazard and will be played as such.